Our Existence

Comparison with stars - Solid Bodies
One name represents one body.
its not the collection of Bodies like Galaxies or Quasars.
Each Galaxy can contain millions of ANTARES'.
It can't be calculated with help of any SCALE.
Its just a view of one smallest part of our GALAXY...

First scale
(Five Smallest Heavenly Bodies of Our solar system) - Pluto is no longer Planet yet

Second Scale
(All Planets of our Solar System)

Third Scale

(Complete Solar System with our Parent Star SUN )

Fourth Scale

(Visibly Stars Like Arcturus & Sirius)

Fifth Scale

(Biggest Stars which can be seen through Naked Eyes - Antares & Betelgeuse)

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Sushant Danekar said...

but our egos are VERY BIG IN SIZE :)

what do you think

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