Fifth Dimension

If we lived in a hyperdoughnut, we would see an infinite succession of ourselves repeated in front of us, to the back of us, and to our sides. This is because there are two ways that light can travel around the doughnut. If we hold hands with the people to our sides, we are actually holding our own hands; that is, our arms are actually encircling the doughnut.

If a rocket disappears off the right side of a video-game screen, it re-emerges on the left. If it disappears at the top, it re-emerges at the bottom. Let us now wrap the screen so that identical points match. We first match the top and bottom points by wrapping up the screen. Then we match the points on the left-and right-hand sides by rolling up the screen like a tube. In this way, we can show that a video-game screen has the topology of a doughnut.

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