In Flatland, a "jail" is a circle drawn around a person. Escape from this circle is impossible in two dimensions. However, a three-dimensional person can yank a Flatlander out of jail into the third dimension. To a jailer, it appears as though the prisoner has mysteriously vanished into thin air.

If we peel a Flatlander from his world and flip him over in three dimensions, his heart now appears on the right-hand side. All his internal organs have been reversed. This transformation is a medical impossibility to someone who lives strictly in Flatland.

A Flatlander can visualize a cube by examining its shadow, which appears as a square within a square. If the cube is rotated, the squares execute motions that appear impossible to a Flatlander. Similarly, the shadow of a hyper- cube is a cube within a cube. If the hypercube is rotated in four dimensions, the cubes execute motions that appear impossible to our three-dimensional brains.

In Flatland, Mr. Square encounters Lord Sphere. As Lord Sphere passes through Flatland, he appears to be a circle that becomes successivley larger and then smaller. Thus Flatlanders cannot visualize three-dimensional beings, but can understand their cross sections.

A Mobius strip is a strip with only one side. Its outside and inside are identical. If a Flatlander wanders around a Mobius strip, his internal organs will be reversed.

The mystic Henry Slade claimed to be able to change right-handed snail shells into left-handed ones, and to remove objects from sealed bottles. These feats are impossible in three dimensions, but are trivial if one can move objects through the fourth dimension.

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