Aahat - First Season Stories

( Aahat - Sony Entertainment Television Horror Show - 1995-2001 )

Aahat is the most popular horror show in Indian television history. It was started in 1995 on Sony Entertainment Television and since then five seasons of aahat has been telecasted. But I personally feel that first season of Aahat was excellent. No other season can compete with first season. When aahat was started it was more suspense thriller than horror. The starting episodes were murder mystery with twist ending. B. P. Singh is the director of AAHAT. Many leading actors/actresses of the indian film industry has acted in the show namely Om Puri, Mandira bedi, Kanwaljeet singh,Arun bali,Tom Alter,Ahmed Khan, Vijay Kashyap, Ashutosh Rana, Shivaji Satham, Virendra Saxena, Navni Parihar and many more.
                    I have tried to include some fine stories of Aahat first season.

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Story - I
Ranbeer(Om Puri) is a famous and outstanding magician. In an open show, a man does not believe him. He says rude and harsh words for him. When the trick starts, Ranbeer enters in a big box surrounded by strong locks and chains. It looks impossible to open it even from outside.  His men throw box in the swimming pool. He has to be outside the box before suffocation.  After two minutes when he does not come out, everyone looks worried. They pull the box outside the pool and open it. They do not find Ranbeer in the box instead they find the man who was laughing on Ranbeer before magic trick. Ranbeer was already outside in the crowd. Nobody knows when did he switch himself. The man was really scared and he does not remember, how and when did he reach inside. One reporter was after magician, she doubts Ranbeer is using black magic and he is killing innocent people for it. She warns him about it. Magician tries to cover himself "What is this non-sense, what are you talking about. I think you need a sleep". She threatens him that she is going to call the cops and she will tell them everything about him. Magician gets angry, he says "I said wrong, If you want to live, Don't sleep since now". 

Magician tries to kill her in her dreams. He hits her in her dream & she gets hurt in real world. She goes to doctor (Kanwaljeet singh). She tells everything about magician and asks for a pill or injection to avoid sleep. Doctor calls magician and says what girl just said. Magician replies she is not in her senses. She wants to sleep. Give her sleeping pills. Doctor convinces her that is he is giving her injection which prevents sleep but instead he gives her sleeping injection.  Girl sleeps and dies. Doctor feels his mistake. He threatens magician. Magician says same words to him -"If you want to live, Don't sleep since now". Whenever doctor wants to sleep, magician appears in his dreams and tries to kill him. Then doctor sets alarm and tries to sleep, when magician almost had him in dream.

                                                         The alarms start ringing and he wakes up. At this moment Doctor needs sleep, he wants to but he can't. Doctor's friend visits magician's house secretly. He finds somehow magician's power is weak. He tells doctor about this.Now doctor wants to fight him in his way in his dream. He collects lots of cans with full of kerosene and put them beside him. He repeats word kerosene lots of times. When he sleeps again, magician appears in his dream. But this time magician is weak. he is not able to kill doctor. But somehow doctor manages to pour kerosene on him and burns him in his dream. The magician burns and dies in real world. The police investigates the case in last scene. Inspector finds the whole body is burnt but clothes are in good conditions. Inspector could not solve the case and episode ends here.

Story - II
A very rich man (Arun bali) looks very upset and wants to leave all his property to his son. His son asked that why he is worried and why he wants to do this suddenly? He tells him a story. Once he had terrible loss in business and he had lost every thing. Suddenly a mysterious man appears and says that he has a crystal ball and he can give it to him. "A crystal ball can complete any wish of a person. But A person can ask only one wish and there is a consequence behind it. When wish completes, person regrets why he asked that wish". But man asks how can it be possible that person will regret for his own wish? The mysterious man says, it is over to you and gives him that crystal ball. The man wishes that if he would know his future. Next day he gets a newspaper, in which a cricket match result was published. He mumbles "what is this non-sense, the cricket match is today" then he checks the date, it was tomorrow's date. He thinks, it is a mis-print. but he found cricket match result was same as what was mentioned in news paper.

                                                 Next day he gets the news-paper of next day again. Then he thinks the crystal ball is showing its magic. He puts his money in share market & derby and earns lots of profit.He becomes rich because of crystal ball.Then one day he reads a news in news-paper that he has died.Thats why he was very upset. His son listens this and he is upset too. He loves his father too much. He asked, Did you try to find that who delivers news-paper. He says I tried several times, in fact I have spent nights on chair near door but I couldn't find the person who leaves the news paper. Now His son is very much worried. he locked his father in a room. he wants to avoid his father's death in any condition But next day he finds his father died. The ceiling-fan fell on him in the night and his body was in bits and peices. He finds the crystal ball and made a wish that he wants his father alive. he buries his father. Crystal ball fulfills his wish and pieces of his father's body appear on his door.

                                              When he opens the door, father does not recognize him and tries to kill his own son. Then his son's wife makes a wish in front of crystal ball, that his father in law should return back from wherever he came. His father returns and couple throws the crystal ball. Next day a girl finds that crystal ball and that mysterious man appears again and says "A crystal ball can complete any wish of a person. But A person can ask only one wish and there is a consequence behind it. When wish completes, the person regrets why he asked that wish" but the girl asks how can it be possible that person will regret for his own wish? and episode ends here.

Story - III
A woman(Actress Navni Parihar) is a author. She is trying to finish a novel/story on her typewriter at night. She lives on the 13th or 14th floor of a building. When she was drinking cold milk, she watched a man was killing a woman in the flat in front of her building. She was so scared and she calls the cops. Two policemen visit her but when they find she writes murder mystries, they try to convince her that she had a dream. It surprises her. She tries to make them believe what she saw and asks for their help. They visit the flat in the night. A man opens the door, both try to investigate but they were not able to find anything suspicious. Cops tell him about complaint but they hide the idendity of woman. The man had a strange habit. Whenever he smokes, he breaks cigarette. Police officer asks about his habit, he clarifies that he can't quit but in this way, the danger is reduced. There was a locked flat in his neighborhood, when officer investigates about it, he says owner is out of the town.

        They return to woman and says there was nothing suspicious but Man was following officers. When he comes there, woman is scared to see him and she loses her consciousness (I don't know how she identifies him. At this distance even she couldn't see his face clearly). He says he came to return lighter or something. Somehow man is able to take the print of her flat keys on a wet soap. Next day when woman goes somewhere, he comes in her flat and writes three threat-letters using her typewriter. Next day woman finds that man is bringing some thing in a big cotton bag. She calls police again. Police investigates but they find a live cat in the bag.  He was going to leave her. Now he shows first letter to police. It says woman is blackmailing him. He shows second letter on right time and third letter was suicide letter that he is going to use in future.

                                                               Woman watched him again. This time he was bringing ice in the box, she calls police but this time cops don't listen her. Now the man wants signature of woman on suicide letter. He kidnaps her and he keeps her in his neighborhood flat. He had keys of the locked flat. The body was kept with ice in the same flat that is why police couldn't find the body. Now he tortures her and gets her signature and when he tries to shoot her, at the same time police shoots him.

Story - IV
I remember an episode. Actor Kanwaljeet Singh was there. The story goes like this...His son(8-12years old approx) makes a new friend of same age but no one can see him. First they think, he is an imaginary friend but when his mother saw a shadow of a child while playing ball but actually no one was there, she was scared. The Ghost-boy tells Kanwaljeet that he has come back to take his child with him. The ghost boy died because of Kanwaljeet.

                                        Kanwaljeet remembers the past that one day he was staying in his friend's house because his friend had to go out side and his child was alone. His child had a weak heart and could not stay alone thats why his father called Kawaljeet. But Kanwaljeet's another friend visits there. Kanwaljeet does not want to go with him because child was sleeping but his friend convinced him that they are gonna return soon. Kanwaljeet leaves the boy for a while. Then a thief comes, the boy wakes up and tries to find Kanwaljeet but no one was there. Thief finds the boy. He chases him. Kid tries to hide in Ground floor. He finds elevator's empty shallow place and hides there but thief finds him again. He calls elevator on the ground floor and kid is crushed by lift.

                                       The same child has come back to take kanwaljeet's child. He ties Kanwaljeet's child in same elevator's shalow place and calls lift on the ground floor. Kanwaljeet finds him. He tries to save his child but elevator was too near. He throws him outside but not able to save himself and dies. I remember the last line (Not exactly) what the ghost-child says to Kanwaljeet. "Uncle ab aap mujhe kabhi chhor ke nahi jaaoge" !

Story - V
I remember another episode called "Abhinetri". In this episode, a 60's actress is still young and fresh in 90's. Nobody knows how is she so young and as beautiful as she was in 60's. This was a mystery and reporters wanted to solve it. She does not allow any of her servant at night. She leaves them in the evening. Once a servant tries to know the secret. He does not leave the house and he hides in the house. But he saw a old woman in the dark, she has open white hair and a knife in her hand (I am still horripilated to remember that scene), she jumps on him and in a cat and mouse game in dark room, she kills him.

                  The mystery was:- in 60's, one day she visits a temple and wishes for her successful career but a man meets her on the stairs of the temple. He says what she wants, God can not give her, but he can. He gives her a necklace, as long as she wears a necklace, she will be young but she will have to put off the necklace every night, otherwise she will die.  When she will remove the necklace at night, she will be changed into an old woman. A girl (I don't remember, is she reporter or what) she waits inside her house at night. But some how old woman (Abhinetri) dies when she tries to kill that girl. But mystery was still there for the world that who is this old woman & where is the actress disappeared?

Story - VI
This episode was based on Gamble of Life. A mysterious man plays a gamble of life in a bar with needy persons. If a person wins, he gives him a briefcase with full of cash. But no one was able to defeat him. I remember two gambles of this episode. In first gamble, there was a revolver with one bullet. Mysterious man rolls the chamber. Now no one knows where that one bullet is. Mysterious man and person both put the revolver on their respective heads and pull the trigger one by one. The person dies in his second attempt.

                                        In second gamble, there were lots of glasses of liquor. Mysterious man mixes poisonous powder in one of the glass and mingles all the glasses just like in Andaz Apna Apna, Amir Khan mingles them :-). When last glass was left, every one knows it is poisonous.  Now it was needy man's turn and he knows if he drinks, he is gonna die but he does not die, a twist was here. Poison was in previous glass and mysterious man drank it. I don't know how he controlled pain and death. Now mysterious man dies and the needy person wins all the money.

Story - VII
I remember another episode of Aahat in which three girls were calling ghosts using an old planchet board. There was a warning on it,one should not remove his hand until completion of the process.  I remember two of girls one was actress Urvashi Dholakiya and other was Actress Kavita Rathod.  When it starts, table, chairs, books and frames start moving and shaking. The horror faces appear in the sky. I know you remember this because it happened in many episodes of Aahat.

                                                Because of this movement, one of the girl was scared. She removes her hand from the board. Now the ghost comes in our world. Name of the ghost was Avinash. He meets her who removed her hand but she does not know that he is a ghost (may be because of his powers). Girl starts loving her (That was odd). Only she  can see her. The other two girls try to convince her saying when she was talking, nobody was there and he is a ghost but she does not believe them. She was crazy in his love. Other two girls visit Tantric and asks her help. Tantrik found  Avinash committed suicide  He jumped from the building because a girl ditched him. Now he takes their friend to the roof of the same building from where he jumped. His plan was to kill this girl so they will be united forever. But when the girl tries to jump. At the same time Tantric sends the ghost to his world back and she saves the girl.

Story - VIII
In this story,  a Tantric attacks a person by a daemon. He makes a scary symbol on person's front door. Same night a daemon appears to attack. He takes the form of victim's relative and calls in his voice. He makes him open the door. He calls victim's name three times and if he opens the door, daemon turns into his real form.

                                                      If person does not open the door, daemon leaves and visits next night. Soon the black magic starts working and it makes person weaker. Every night daemon comes and tries to get opened the door. Tantric was a cunning man, he tries to cure villagers by his methods and takes more than enough charges from them. To increase his powers, he worships daemon. Now a lady doctor comes to village. She tries to convince villagers that Tantrik is a deceitful and unreliable man. They should not take their family members to him. If anyone is suffering from fever or other decease, he/she needs a doctor not a rogue.

                                                       It makes Tantrik very angry. He wants revenge so he asks daemon to take his revenge. He makes the magical drawing on the front door of the doctor. But One day Tantrik's daughter was unwell. She was in serious condition, then doctor who is very weak because of black magic visits her and provides life saving drugs. Now when daemon comes to take doctor, Tantrik steps ahead and opens the door. Daemon kills Tantrik instead of doctor. Tantrik was blaming himself for this dishonest act so he saved doctor's life.

Story - IX
I remember another episode of Aahat. There was a heart transplant operation. It was a suspense thriller episode. An old age patient who is suffering from heart decease needs a heart. In same hospital a kid also needs a heart but kid's father was not as rich as old man. Old man was the first priority because of his financial status. Kid's father was very disappointed on this. When Heart was on the way to hospital, it was robbed by robbers for ransom.

                                                                    His wife was ready to give whatever robbers were demanding. Cops investigate the case and find the wife was gulity. she planned all this for old man's property. Because of this drama heart could not reach on time and old man dies. Now kid was the only survivor. Doctors save him by transplanting heart into him makes his father happy.

Story - X
I remember another episode of Aahat which was based on black magic Voo-doo, I think episode title was 'Gudiya"- not sure. In Voodoo, when you create a doll of a person, you need a used stuff of victim. Now if voodoo works, what you do to doll, the victim feels the same. Generally it is used for physical pain.
A struggling cricketer was trying to enter in International team but he was not able to do this. He is jealous of a team member who is an excellent batsman so he takes help of voo-doo. He steals something of that batsman and Voodoo starts. I am not able to remember the complete story.

Story - XI
I remember another episode in which actor was Virendra saxena (Jassi's father in jassi jaisi koi nahi). He was a master mind. He suspects his wife has an affair. He fakes his own death and starts living in a lonely cottage. He wears a fake beard so no one could identify him. Only his servant knows his secret because he needs him for food and other important work.

He reveals how he faked his death. He shows him how he cut his own finger. He always beats his servant because he thinks he is a dumb ass and he can't use his mind. Later servant kills him and he frames his wife in his murder. He takes over his property and business. The servant was real master mind.

Story - XII
I remember an episode in which a painting was there on the wall of a house. It was a sea painting and there was a beach in there. A girl was trapped in the painting. She was exhausted and not able to leave that beach. She was thirsty and scared. The painting was made by blood of a painter. The girl was lost, her family was worried. Then they find her in the painting. I think his father goes there in the same painting and he tries to save her but I am not able to remember the ending, Was she really saved?

Story - XIII
I remember another episode like movie Mirrors. A girl is trapped in the mirror and her reflection comes in the real world and takes her place. She was a tennis or badminton player. When mirror girl replaces her in real world, her actions get swapped. She uses her other hand for every work. She starts playing tennis with it. In fact her signature was mirror image. Her boy-friend finds that she is not the real one. He finds real one in the mirror and tries to bring her in the real world But in the end, it is revealed, the mirror girl is still in real world and episode ends.

Story - XIV
I remember another episode in which ACP Pradyumn (Shivaji Satham) played a role of Ranger or Forest officer. The story was like this, There is a village near forrest and villagers are getting disappeared one by one.

                                 Police investigates the case but they are not able to find any of them. Finally, it is found that Pradyumn decorates his cottage walls with hanging heads of all disappeared persons. He was a good hunter and he had collection of all animals' heads But this hobby makes him a Psycho. He wants to hang human heads on the cottage walls so he starts killing villagers. I wonder why cops did not search his house first.

Story - XV
I remember an episode in which a crime expert (may be detective or crime novel expert - Actor vallabh Vyas) creates a crime scene not only to commit a perfect murder but to get away with it. Unfortunately it all goes wrong. Whenever a person dies, his body starts freezing. It is an extreme rare behavior but a dead body moves its fingers and It seems dead body is moving.

                                           He kills his assistant because he loves his daughter or wife (not sure). Now he takes advantage of his knowledge of crime scenes and scenarios to prove himself innocent. I remember but not very clearly, he puts a revolver in dead body's hand. His idea was moving fingers will fire a gunshot and it can be proven that murder has been committed by dead person (When he was alive). While demonstration he forgets the revolver is still in dead body's hand. He bends over the body but the fingers were still moving. Second shot kills him.

Story - XVI
I remember another episode in which Crows were highlighted more than human characters. I do not remember the story but theme was like this. When someone's last wish is not fulfilled, crows gather around their place.
There was a line in the episode which I couldn't forget. It was a chorus in background.
"Jaanki Mausi aao na aao na- Jaanki Mausi Aao na Aao na"

It sounds funny but believe me it was not.

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