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Mortal Kombat 4 : Play As GORO

1) On the select Fighter screen, highlight the HIDDEN button and press and
   hold the RUN button.

2) Keep holding RUN button and Move up 3 spaces, and left 1 space to Shinnok's picture.

3) Now Press the BLOCK button without leaving RUN button. Now RUN & BLOCK are being pressed together.

4) Continue holding the BLOCK+RUN button until it comes "CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY"

5) Use FWD or BACK to choose your level and press G (Default key) to start the fight.

Super Uppercut:    Fwd Fwd LK  (S S J or A A J)
Double Hand Swipe: Fwd Fwd LP  (S S G or A A G)

Mortal Kombat 4 : Run Fatality

1) Go to Practice Mode.

2) On Difficulty, Press BLOCK+LOW KICK for 10 Seconds.

3) A sound will play. Keep Pressing BLOCK+LOW KICK

4) The cheat menu will highlight.

5) In the Cheat Menu, You can select ENDING, FATALITY I, FATALITY II & STAGE FATALITY

6) Use forward (key S) to change the values.

7) Make ON the option you want to see. Keep other OFF.

8) When it says "Finish Him", Press Down + High Punch (Key Z +T)
   It will end the opponent according to ON option.

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